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(Bad) Dates Only Cover (3).png


a spicy smalltown romance novella


Taps on Amos - the popular Harrisville bar - is cursed. At least, it is according to Bree. She's had five dates there so bad, she needs a stronger adjective to describe them: awful, horrendous, terrible? Yep, any of those will do. So Bree does the only logical thing, vowing never, ever to step foot in the bar again. However, in a town like Harrisville, avoiding Taps is easier said than done, and the next time she's there, she meets Ty.


Mistaking Bree for his blind date, Ty wishes he'd been set up with the curvy blond instead of his actual date. As it was, the woman he meets is so awful, he ends the date before it even begins, making it his fifth disaster of a date at Taps. Of course, Ty isn't counting it as a complete loss; he does walk away with Bree's number after all and quickly uses it to make a date.


Bree is excited to go out with the hunky gym owner until he suggests they go to Taps. Considering their joint track record, why is Ty willing to doom their date before it starts? And does Bree like him enough to risk it anyway?

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