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a spicy smalltown MM romance

Will needs some time to think, and he knows the perfect spot. Heading out early one morning to a local beach, Will settles down ready to sort his thoughts and enjoy his breakfast. Is his breakfast leftover ravioli that he's eating out of a beloved childhood thermos? Yes, it is. Does he care that it's a bit weird to be eating ravioli on the beach at 7am? No, he does not. That is, he doesn't care until he spots a gorgeous man who's just his type - think a buff Ken doll with arms that could probably bench-press Will - walking his dog. So Will does the only thing he can think of: he bolts. Too bad he leaves his thermos lid behind in his haste to escape.

Ian can't get the adorable guy he saw eating ravioli on the beach out of his head. Was it a bit strange to be eating pasta on the beach on a cool spring morning? For sure. But who's Ian to judge anyone for their quirks. After all, some would say Ian's abnormal obsession with his hair is weird. So no, he's not judging. And for the record, he's only thinking about that guy - Ravioli Man as he thinks of him - because he has his thermos lid. No other reason. He's absolutely not thinking of Ravioli Man because he looks like everything he's been searching for in a man. Nope, not at all.

But short of turning into Prince Charming with a thermos lid instead of a glass slipper, how exactly is Ian supposed to find the guy? It's not like Will's going to show up at the scene of the next fire he's called out to fight...right?

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