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Trivia Night Redo.png


a spicy smalltown romance

Following another failed blind date, Gabe Mitchell finally decides to stop pining after the girl he crushed on in high school. After four months of hard work, Gabe feels well on his way to putting his feelings for Stella Conrad away once and for all. Unfortunately, all that progress is undone when Stella returns to Harrisville after teaching abroad for two years. It takes him no time to revert to his high school strategies for gaining her attention: competition and trash-talking. And the Trivia Night at Taps on Amos is the perfect place for Gabe to do both. 


For her part, Stella falls instantly back into the familiar where Gabe is concerned: teasing and trash-talking him right back. It’s something that her uber-competitive self knows how to do almost as well as it knows how to answer trivia questions. That is, she knows how to do it until she learns that Gabe didn’t hate her in high school, as she always assumed, but instead harboured a massive crush. Stella plans to ignore this information, but she quickly remembers just how much better things are when she has Gabe around to compete against.

 Soon it becomes apparent that Gabe will never be able to get over Stella, that Stella likely never actually hated Gabe at all, and that all this competing against each other is really just foreplay.

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