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Every Harrisville resident knows that if you're looking for something to do in town, you find it at Taps on Amos. No matter the night of the week, the local bar always seems to have an event running. With so many locals hitting up the bar for a good time - whether that good time is in the form of a Trivia Night, Paint Night, or simply watching a game - it's only natural that Taps on Amos would have more than just beer on tap. It would seem love may be on tap as well. 


Book 0.5 (Bad) Dates Only - released  September 2022 - available on BookFunnel (newsletter freebie)

Book 1 Trivia Night - released December 2022 - available on Amazon & KU

          The Couple that Trivias Together  - available on BookFunnel (newsletter bonus)

Serial The Nate & Brigette Stories, episodes 1-5 - released September 2022 to January 2023 -  available on KU

Book 0.25 Happy Hour - coming April 2023 to Amazon & KU

Book 2 Paint Night - coming June 2023 to Amazon & KU

Book 3 Open-Mic Night - coming summer/fall 2023 to Amazon & KU

Book 4 Title TBD (Nate & Brigette's HEA) - coming fall 2023/winter 2024

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